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Specialized Medical Services at Home
HOMITAL staff are qualified and trained to perform specialized services at home. These include but also go beyond just supportive services which are required for the very old, disabled or bed-ridden patients. The HOMITAL services include care of bowel and bladder, care of ostomies and catheters, dressings in wounds and incisions, peritoneal dialysis, oxygen therapy, specialized physiotherapy as in chest, orthopaedics and neurological patients, diet,

Continuity of Doctorís medical care
HOMITAL maintains seamless continuity between care by the doctor in a hospital and care at the patientís home. The hospital and doctor continue to remain involved in the decision making when care is provided by HOMITAL at the patientís home. HOMITAL follows the doctorís treatment program and provides reports for home visits to maintain this continuity. Customized proprietary software, mobile applications and web connectivity enable achievement of these objectives.

Maintaining uniformly professional standards
HOMITAL has defined standard protocols for the nursing and monitoring steps to be performed at the patientsí home. These protocols are regularly reviewed and updated. HOMITAL regularly monitors and upgrades the competence levels of staff and their familiarity with the protocols, at its in-house training centre. HOMITAL staffs strictly adhere to protocols when providing care at the patientsí homes to ensure uniform professional standards in care at all times.


Online records and continual monitoring
Professional reports are made for all home visits and records securely maintained online. These records are accessible in real time, cumulatively and in a well-organized format to enable efficient and effective monitoring of the health parameters. This in turn enables early detection of fresh ailments and monitoring of progress or deterioration in existing ones, thus helping in appropriate interventions and thereby improved outcomes.