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To significantly improve healthcare outcomes, by systematically organizing across the country, all 'Out of Hospital Medical Care and Home Medical Care' and seamlessly integrating it with existing institution based care.


Our motto in Homecare: ‘Hospital Care at Home’. HOMITAL seeks to provide ‘Care as in Hospital, Comfort that of Home’. Just as in a hospital only trained and qualified staff provide professional care, regulated by well laid out processes and protocols, always following doctors’ orders and regularly reporting to the doctors for feedback and monitoring, so also HOMITAL’s staff attempt to provide services with similar standardization in Home Medical Care. HOMITAL will continue to recruit only qualified staff, then validate their training and competence in its in-house training centre, regulate their work through laid out processes and protocols, follow treatment plan and instructions of the patient’s existing doctor, and report regularly to the doctors for feedback and monitoring. In this manner Homital will on the one hand provide competent medical care at the patients’ homes and on the other maintain seamless connectivity with the patients care in clinics or Hospitals.

HOMITAL seeks to be the ‘The Long Arm of Medical Care’. We keep Doctors in Clinics and Hospitals connected with their patients at home. HOMITAL deploys customized proprietary software, mobile based applications, web-based connectivity, constantly upgraded protocols (accessible on the website), and real-time feedbacks to the doctors. Our staffs follow doctors’ treatment plans and instructions at the patients’ homes. Thereby we keep the doctors continually connected with medical care at their patients’ homes, just as they are connected with their patients’ care in their hospital wards.

Partnering Hospitals, Doctors and other healthcare service providers. HOMITAL will be a partner and not competitor to existing healthcare providers. Through its proprietary software, processes and protocols, HOMITAL will collaborate with existing doctors and hospitals continue with treatment plans at the patients' homes with the patients returning to their current healthcare providers whenever necessary.

Complement of Associated Services. With its objective of facilitating all the care that is to be provided outside a hospital, HOMITAL collaborates with all existing service providers such as home care equipment providers, laboratory services, pharmacies, patient transfer services, ambulance services and insurance companies to offer a one point contact, for comprehensive "Out of Hospital' healthcare.

Constantly striving for improvement in healthcare outcomes with greater convenience, competence and ease of availability. By organizing out of hospital care, by maintaining professional standards, by reducing costs and by enabling different service providers to seamlessly integrate in providing healthcare as required in varied settings, HOMITAL will seek to significantly improve healthcare outcomes with greater convenience to clients.