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Chronic Care Programs

Chronic Care Programs

For managing chronic ailments, HOMITALís technology enabled programs aim at the twin objectives of:

a) Maintaining quality of life for the clients, and

b) Preventing or minimizing any worsening of the chronic ailment, development of complications or future hospitalizations

Avoidable hospital visits for the achievement of aforementioned objectives are prevented by the HOMITAL Home Medical Care programs.

The Home Care program involves maintaining an investigation schedule whereby the necessary investigations are performed at the required intervals, results monitored and alerts given when needed to the supervising doctor. The medications are also monitored including assessment of effects or adverse effects which form part of the home visit reports. The requirements of physiotherapy, specialized nursing care, etc. also go into preparing the home care schedule for each client. The home visits are scheduled as often or as infrequently as necessary to ensure adequate monitoring. Specific diet and lifestyle counselling forms an integral part of the home care routine.

The conditions where Chronic Care programs are particularly useful include Diabetes, Chronic Kidney disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD), Chronic Kidney disease, psychiatric illness, Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic head trauma, Cerebro-vascular accident, Orthopaedic disease, surgery or injury, Chronic pain, Geriatric care, Hypertension, and many more.