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For Medical Professionals

HOMITAL is the ‘Long arm of Medical Care’

HOMITAL keeps connected doctors in Hospitals and clinics with their patients at homes, in a similar manner as doctors are connected with medical care of their patients in hospital wards. Trained HOMITAL staffs provide protocol based home nursing and medical care, following instructions and treatment plans of the consulting doctor and submitting professional reports for home visits. So the doctors and hospitals remain at the apex in respect of medical care of their patients even when the patients are not in the hospitals or clinics

HOMITAL has suggestive ailment based protocols for monitoring patients at home and for providing general and specialized nursing care. HOMITAL also has assessment and procedure based nursing, physiotherapy and other home care protocols. Clients are provided home care in consultation with their doctors. Once the doctor has assessed a patient he/she approves a customized home care plan for the patient. Use of protocols enhances trust for professional and organized care at home by HOMITAL.

Use by HOMITAL of its customized proprietary software, web based connectivity and mobile applications ensure access for doctors to the reports of home visits for their patients by HOMITAL. This also ensures seamless connectivity of care in the hospital with care at the patients’ homes.