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Benefits of Homital for Patients

When you have just been discharged from hospital you need continued specialized for some time with feedback from your doctor Contact HOMITAL.We will ease you recovery back to normal health. Our trained nursing staff will visti you at home and continue to provide nursing care, following your doctor's instructions and regularly reporting back to your doctor.

For all your chronic illnessyou need regular follow up and reports to your doctors.Homital staff will visit you daily,monthly,every three months or as required.They will monitor your medications, effects and side effects, record your required investigations and report regularly to your doctor even in between your visits to the doctors 's clinic. They will offer advice and assist you in managing your chronic ailments and constantly facilitate your efforts towards a healthier life.

Even when your health is normal HOMITAL will offer periodic check ups through Home visits and health packages,all with continual feedbacks to your doctor,so that your health can be constantly improved and illness can be prevented.