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Health Monitoring at Home

Health Monitoring at Home

Based on a client's health status a health map is created primarily by the supervising doctor. A home medical care plan is then drawn up.

This Home Medical Care plan includes:a) List of investigations that need to be monitored for the client;the frequency at which each of these investigations need monitoring; reporting of the results of these investigations including defining of the levels in reports which would trigger a red alert for the supervising doctor. b) Listingof medicines prescribed to the patient and the effects and side effects thereupon which need to be monitored. Arranging for the medication administration record to be documented thenceforth; c) the nursing care required along with the frequency at which specialized nursing procedures need to be done at the clients' home.

Based on the above a comprehensive Home Medical and Nursing plan is drawn up which decides how often nursing care visits are to be made to any client's home.

Regular reports are then updated on the website for each home visit by HOMITAL staff. These are reviewed by the supervising doctor and modifications made in the Home Care plan as necessary. This process enables 24 X 7 X 365 monitoring of the client's health status by the supervising doctor and contributes greatly in keeping the client healthier.