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Keeping Doctors connected With Their Patients At Home

Keeping Doctors connected with their patients at home

HOMITAL seeks to maintain the doctor's supervision over the client's health status even when the client is at home and is not in the hospital or in the doctor's clinic. To avail this service, the patient must have undergone at least one comprehensive examination by the concerned doctor. The examination would result in a health map being prepared for the patient, suitability for home care would be ascertained and a schedule for Home Care prepared. On our website the doctor can enter any patient's basic details. Subsequently whenever required, the doctor enters other medical information, and can ask for nursing care or ailment based medical protocols to be implemented. At the other end all this information is accessible to the patient and his caregiver. Together they continue to enter patient's updates in terms of report of investigations, updates of clinical assessments or of nursing care provided. This process enables the patients' to remain professionally connected to their doctor even when they are at home and so enable the doctor's continued supervision over their health status.